Ideas for New Logos

Are you thinkking on your next venture or perhaps this is your first? Did you know that if you come in to see us we can help you decide on the look of your logo in person?

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Backlog Sorted!

Important! Please read this whole post if you have not yet been contacted by us OR you have not yet received your logo designs.

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Holiday time is upon us!

We would like to wish all our clients, customers, friends and family members a very large, very fun and very merry Christmas and an exceedingly happy new year 2016! We hope this will be your best year yet – productive, fun, healthy and full of joy.

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Making payment

Over the past few months, I’ve been getting a lot of emails from people worried about making payment. Sorry but right now, we only accept PayPal. You absolutely don’t need to have an account withe them, I have to make this super clear!

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What makes a good logo design?

Personally, I think that the best design is created when the designer completely understands the client’s needs. So say you have a cupcake shop and you need a logo for all your printed material and website etc. You want your logo to consist of three colours; pale pink, bright yellow and magenta.

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